Resetting Clio - Soft reset

If the device does not turn on or appears frozen, you may need to reset the device.

Warning: You will lose any unsaved changes in files or programs when
you reset Clio. All running applications will exit upon reset.

To reset the device, use the Clio stylus to push the reset switch.
This switch is recessed on the bottom of the device,
recessed behind a hole to protect it from accidental triggering. It
is labeled RESET.

Vadem Clio C-1050 Hard reset Soft reset Hardreset Softreset

Clearing Memory - Hard reset

Clearing memory will completely erase all data on the
system. This should only be done as an emergency procedure
or when you wish to completely erase all data; for example,
when assigning your device to a new owner.

To clear memory:
1. Synchronize information to your desktop PC.
Backup any files or programs you need.
2. Remove the memory module cover.
3. Press the silver and black Memory Erase button (under
the memory module cover), and simultaneously press the
RESET switch with the stylus.
With Clio face down and its Notification LED/switch facing
you, the Memory Erase button can be found adjacent to the
RAM module.
4. Replace the memory module cover.
Be sure the cover is firmly in place.
5. Power on the device.
6. Synchronize with your desktop PC to restore your data.