Toshiba Portégé G810 soft reset

Restarting your Toshiba phone

If you have any problems, such as the phone freezing, restart the phone.
To restart your Toshiba phone:
1. Press and hold the Power key.
2. Tap Yes to confirm powering off the phone.
3. Wait a few seconds, the press and hold the Power key to switch on the phone.

IMPORTANT: If you restart your Toshiba phone, data that you have not saved will be lost.

If, after you have restarted your Toshiba phone, there is still a problem:
1. Remove the battery (refer to Getting started for instructions).
2. Re-insert the battery, then switch on the phone (refer to Getting started for instructions).

Resetting your Toshiba phone

If you still have problems after restarting your phone, you can reset the phone. Resetting your Toshiba phone causes it to restart
and adjusts memory allocation. Your phone will return to the same status as the last time you used it, though unsaved data may be lost.

To reset your Toshiba phone:

Using the stylus, press and hold the Reset button.
IMPORTANT: If you restart your Toshiba The phone will switch on after resetting. 

Toshiba Portégé G810 hard reset

Reinitialising your Toshiba
Reinitialising your Toshiba phone resets all settings to their factory defaults, and deletes all of your data.
You should only use this procedure as a last resort. We recommend that you back up all of your data before resetting your Toshiba phone
If you are experiencing a problem with an application, it is most likely a result of a conflict between installed programs. We recommend
uninstalling the most recently added program first. Also verify that the program is designed to be run on your Toshiba phone by comparing the requirements to the information provided with your phone. To view
this information:

1. From the Today screen, tap Start > Settings.
2. Tap the System tab.
3. Tap About.

To reinitialise your Toshiba phone:

1. With your Toshiba phone switched off, press and hold both Volume keys.
2. While keeping the the Volume keys pressed, press the Power key for approximately three seconds.
3. Wait for the touch panel to load.
4. Press Y to reinitialise your Toshiba phone, or N to cancel. Your phone will restart.

IMPORTANT: If you reset your Toshiba phone, any applications that you have installed will be deleted. You will also lose all personal data such as music, ringtones and pictures.
IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you frequently back up the data on your Toshiba phone.
TIP: This procedure is also referred to as a hard reset.