O2 XDA Flame soft reset

Resetting your O2 Xda Flame

Your O2 Xda Flame can be reset in the following two ways: soft reset or hard reset. Executing soft reset allows you to reboot your O2 Xda Flame; only some data in opened programs may be lost. Your O2 Xda Flame returns to the same status as the last time you used it. A hard reset turns the battery off, returns the device to its default settings, and deletes all programs, files, contacts and other information that you have saved to the device. It is therefore extremely important to back up data to a storage card or computer on a regular basis, just in case a hard reset has to be performed.

To perform a soft reset

If your O2 Xda Flame responds slowly, stops responding, or freezes, you can soft reset it. A soft reset causes the O2 Xda Flame to restart and adjust memory allocation. Unsaved data in any opened applications may be lost. Use the stylus to press and hold the Reset button, as shown below.

O2 XDA Flame hard reset soft reset

O2 XDA Flame hard reset

To perform a hard reset

A hard reset clears memory, deletes all data (such as owner information under Setup Wizard and AutoConfig) and restores the O2 Xda Flame to its default settings. This action will erase all data that you have created and programs you have installed, but will keep all preinstalled programs from when your O2 Xda Flame was first delivered to you. Press and hold the
Wireless Manager key and the Camera & Video key at the same time, and then use the stylus to press the soft reset button. Be sure you have backed up all your data in a Micro SD card or PC before performing a hard reset.

O2 XDA Flame hard reset soft reset