HP Jornada 525 soft reset

1. Disconnect the sync cable or remove your HP Jornada from the serial
2. Remove the CompactFlash card (if installed).
3. Use the stylus to press the Reset button on the back of the HP
Jornada, as shown in the following illustration.

HP Jornada 520 soft reset Hard reset

HP Jornada 525 hard reset

To restore HP Jornada 525 to the factory defaults

1. Disconnect your HP Jornada from ac power and disconnect it from
your desktop PC.
2. Use the tip of the stylus to press and hold the Reset button on the
back of your HP Jornada.
3. While holding the Reset button, press the On/Off button. (11)
4. Release the Reset button.
5. Press the On/Off button (11) again to restart your HP Jornada.
After you restore the factory defaults, you will need to complete the Welcome Wizard and re-establish a partnership with your desktop PC. You may also want to restore data to your HP Jornada from your most recent backup file.

HP Jornada 520 hard reset soft reset

Restoring the factory default settings erases all files, programs, and data you have entered.