HP iPAQ 212 Soft reset

HP iPAQ 212 Hard reset
(2) Reset Button

Press to reset your HP iPAQ.

Perform a soft reset

1. Locate the recessed Reset button on the HP iPAQ.
2. Use the stylus to lightly press the Reset

A soft reset stops all running applications, but does not erase any programs or saved data

NOTE: Be sure to close all running applications before performing a soft reset.

HP iPAQ 212 Hard reset

HP iPAQ Setup Assistant

Use HP iPAQ Setup Assistant to simplify configuring settings on your HP iPAQ.
HP iPAQ Setup Assistant lets you save the settings on your computer. This can help you restore configuration settings on your HP iPAQ at any time. HP iPAQ Setup Assistant also allows you to perform a factory reset on your HP iPAQ and view detailed product information.

You can reinstall applications on your HP iPAQ after the hard or clean reset is complete by using ActiveSync or WMDC on your computer.

HP iPAQ 210 Performing a Factory Reset

A factory reset clears all user-installed settings, programs, and data, and restores your HP iPAQ 200 Series Enterprise Handheld to factory settings.

Save all the important programs and files in the iPAQ File Store folder before you factory reset the device. Before saving files to the iPAQ File Store folder, it is a good idea to determine how much memory is available in the folder.

Step one: Checking memory availability in iPAQ File Store folder

Follow these steps to view the memory available in iPAQ File Store folder.
  1. Tap Start on your device.
  2. Then tap Settings > System > Memory > Storage Card .
  3. Select iPAQ File Store from the list.
Step two: Saving files and programs in iPAQ File Store folder
Follow these steps to save files to iPAQ File Store folder:
  1. Copy all the files to be saved to the iPAQ File Store folder.
  2. Tap Start > Programs > File Explorer > My HP iPAQ > iPAQ File Store .
  3. Tap Edit > Paste .
CAUTION: iPAQ File Store might contain a special folder called hp to store system files. Do not save new files or modify existing files in this hp folder.
Step three: Performing factory reset
Follow these steps to perform a factory reset of the device.Press and hold the Record , Windows , OK , and Reset buttons at the same time.
Figure 1: Buttons used to perform factory reset

  1. 1 - Record
    2 - Windows
    3 - OK
    4 - Reset
  2. Hold all the buttons for 2 seconds.
  3. Release the Reset button while continuing to hold the Record , Windows , and OK buttons.
  4. A Clean Boot message is displayed, indicating successful restoration of factory settings on your device.