E-ten Glofiish M500 Soft reset

Az E-ten Glofiish M500 készülék újraindítása - Soft reset

Soft reset

A készülék újraindításához nyomja meg a Pocket PC oldalán található RESET gombot.

Hard reset Soft reset

Hard reset Soft reset

4   Reset gomb

Hard reset Soft reset

5 BekapcsolĂł gomb

BekapcsolĂł gomb + Reset gomb = cold boot - Hard reset

Cold Boot: Press and hold the “Power Button” with one hand, and use the stylus tip to press the “Reset Button” with the other hand. Release the
“Power Button” and the “Reset Button” at the same time. Wait for the
Pocket PC to restart and follow the instructions on the screen to complete
screen alignment. Tap on the center of the cross (+) continuously and
follow the screen instructions to complete the operation.

Hard reset Soft reset


1. After performing a cold boot, the system will retain Microsoft Windows,
pre-installed programs and files saved in the Flash Disk. Other items such as the user’s input data, newly installed programs and user settings will be lost.
2. After performing a system reset, the above-mentioned data will be