Asus P320 Soft reset


Restarting your Smartphone

Occasionally, you may need to restart your phone, such as when a program is not performing properly, or the phone does not respond to key presses.

To restart the phone

1. Press the Reset button on the bottom of the device.

Asus P320 Hard reset

Press Right Soft Key and press Reset at the same time, then  first release RESET and hold the Right Soft Key until the  P320 power on. You will see clean boot on screen.

Resetting your Smartphone

Resetting your phone will remove all data from memory and restore the phone back to the factory default settings.

NOTE When you reset your phone, all data you have entered in RAM, including all files, system settings, and additional programs you have installed, will be erased.

To reset your phone

1. Tap Start > Settings > System tab > Default Settings.
2. Key in "1234" to confirm that you want to restore default settings and press OK.
3. Tap OK.
The phone will restart automatically after it is reset.